Where I’m at Right Now


This week was my last week off from work and school, so naturally I wanted to take advantage of it. When work and school take over, I barely have time to do anything, so this was the perfect opportunity to adopt one mind set…go enjoy yourself.

I started off my week by going out to dinner with a close friend of mind. We decided to divulge a bit, and go to a nice steakhouse because why not? Let me tell you, the way to my heart is through food. However, another way to my heart is through pure intentions and genuine commitment, which brings me to me to separate occurrence. As we were eating dinner, I had received a notification from an Instagram account that had followed me a few hours prior. Not thinking much of it, I ignored the message until I had arrived home until after dinner.

The message itself was rather lengthy, and had me questioning if I really wanted to read this thing. Regardless, I started reading the first paragraph which pulled me in right away. This was a newly formed clothing brand that had one goal in mind- eliminating hate and negativity by conducting kindness. As I kept reading, it became apparent that the person messaging me was not only the founder of the brand, but a guy that had attended the same high school as me. He asked me if I wanted to be a brand ambassador for the line. Even though I was already sold on the idea, what stood out to me the most was when he told me that 10% of monthly sales are donated to different shelters, events, and charities. Considering that this is a mission that I believe in and stand behind, I accepted the offer! I couldn’t imagine a better way for me to start off 2019. And best of all? When I officially become an ambassador, I can share a code that will give you guys 20% off your purchases. I think that this is a brand with such pure and genuine intentions, and because of that I really believe that everyone can get behind this company. As more information becomes available, I will definitely keep you guys updated about the brand, including its name, merchandise, costs, codes, and everything in between! And yes, they do ship internationally!

I haven’t gone shopping in months because I’ve been so busy, so of course that was on my to-do list. I picked up so many different things that I do plan on sharing with you guys!

Sephora– my love for Sephora is real and it’s undying and I promise to keep this section as minimal as possible. I admittedly spend too much money in this store, but in my defence its only on necessities. Walking into Sephora can be extremely overwhelming if you don’t go in there with a game plan. I decided to buy a new foundation and a new product as well! I ended up with a Tarte Cosmetics foundation, and a product that I had heard very good things about. I hate removing makeup, especially eye makeup, because it can be very difficult to take some products off. Ladies and gentleman, this isn’t a problem anymore. I bought the Farmacy Green Clean makeup meltaway cleansing balm and OH MY GOD. AMAZING! I would highly recommend this product to anyone who struggles with taking every ounce of makeup off. A little goes a long way, and thats why I bought the mini.

Apple– I have been so disconnected with my phone lately. I hate having it on me and I find myself constantly looking at the screen and on social media… its irritating. But because I’ve been trying to distance myself from it, I also miss texts, calls, and even leave people hanging for hours, sometimes days, on end waiting for a reply. For that I am so sorry to any of you that have tried to contact me within the last month. BUT fear no more, I have purchased an Apple Watch. This has given me access to my phone, while also giving me a visual representation of my physical activity during the day, my heart rate, exercise, and so many other functions. Not to mention, the walkie talkie function is probably my favourite thing to exist. It makes it so easy to talk to people for that brief moment without having to call or text and drag a conversation on just to get one answer!

Lush– for those of you who don’t know, Lush is a store that prides itself on its all natural, handmade, products. I have been trying to stop putting chemicals in my hair (for now) because I dye it so frequently and have some big plans for the next few months. In order to do what I want, I have to treat my hair properly now, so that it’ll grow and be strong for what I want to do. They have these things called shampoo bars. WHAT?! These are essentially bars that wash your hair with no added chemicals. They typically last up to about 30 days and cost about $10.99 Canadian. I bought the one called “Honey I washed my hair” and it smells soooo good! I also ended up buying one of their natural hair treatments as well. The name is escaping me right now, but again, it smells unreal. Im hoping to use both of these products tomorrow, so I’ll let you guys know how it goes! I

I bought other things at other stores, but these were my main shopping goals.

Back on December 23, 2018, I said goodbye to one of my Beta fish. Jersey, the oldest of two Betas who had been with me for just over a year, had passed away. For a little while I debated just keeping the tank empty and just keeping the one Beta I had left. I know it may seem silly, but he meant something to me. Here’s the thing, me and my friend Jess tend to go to pet stores often. Jess has tropical fish that she needs to maintain on a daily basis, and I have my Beta plus my dog. So, we just happened to go to a pet store that had a wall full of Beta fish. I decided to take a peak. I went in with the thought of I’m not going to buy one just to buy one. It has to grab my attention. WELL. Naturally, I saw something that I have never seen before- a white beta male with a light blue tail. The guy that helped me out said he’s still a baby and has some growing to do, but I didn’t really care. He was cool, at least to me. So of course I bought him. For the longest time I didn’t know what to call him, but I ended up settling on the name Atlantis.

My time off gave me opportunities to see and talk to friends that I haven’t seen in weeks. I got to spend time with family members that I rarely see anymore because of school. I also got to make new friendships as well, which is always cool.

I’m off to prepare for a 4 day intensive course at school starting tomorrow! Have a good rest of your weekend everyone!

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