Next Stop: America


Being in grad school means one thing: stress. My mind, body, and spirit deserve a bit of a break. I just finished my first term back in December and I have officially started my second term for the year a few days ago. Through my final grades, I’m starting to see how much effort I’ve put into school, but also how much I deserve a bit of a break because I am EXHAUSTED. Unfortunately, while my agenda is jam packed right now, I will be coming up to some free time in March. Me and my best friend were talking and we though, why not go on a mini vacation?!

Considering we both just went to Europe not too long ago, which I have started to write about and will be dropping a post shortly, we want it to be somewhere relatively close…yet fun. As it stands, we will be venturing out to the United States unless we find an all inclusive vacation somewhere tropical. So here are our options:

  1. Las Vegas – although I have been to Vegas before, I have no issue going back. The atmosphere is extremely fun and the weather can be beautiful. The various forms of entertainment make every night an anticipated mystery. From magic shows, to Cirque du Sole, to the bars and even catching a Golden Knights game, Vegas seems like a perfect 3-5 day destination.
  2. New York – my heart longs to go back to NYC. While during the day the city reminds of home, the atmosphere that takes over at night is unparalleled. Theres always something to do and something to see. I also have family in the outskirts of New York that I would love to visit, even if its just for a little while.
  3. Denver- one of my closest friends is packing up and moving out to Denver in the weeks to come. Lucky for me, she has invited me to go visit her, so why not?! I have never been to Denver and honestly I wouldn’t mind going to not only see my friend, but to also see what its all about. This is a trip I would have to look into a little bit more, but I’m really considering this adventure. Maybe I’ll be seeing you soon Denver, Colorado.
  4. Chicago- everyone always ask me why I want to go to Chicago. The fact is, why not? Yes, I obviously want to see the Cloud Gate a.k.a “the bean”, but let’s be honest here, I want to try the deep dish pizza that everyone keeps raving about alongside visiting some famous Nutella store?? Thats an Italian’s dream. Oh and I want to watch a Black Hawks game…hello their Patrick Kane. On a serious note, Chicago holds the potential to be my future home for a few years. Nothing is solidified, but if I decide to complete my Psy.D (Doctor of Psychology), there is a school in Chicago that I would be applying to. Scary to think that I’ll be applying in a year and a half.
  5. Florida- give me some sun! Give me Disney! Give me Universal Studios! I mean really, how much more of an explanation do you need?!

As you can see, my list is rather short, so please give me some suggestions on where you think I should go! I’m open to any Canadian or American cities at this point. Thank you lovely readers!

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