Shocker: I Made Another Tattoo Appointment


I got my first tattoo last year on April 20th, 2018 at Seven Crowns Tattoo. I remember being terrified because I didn’t know what to expect. What was it going to feel like? Will it hurt? Will I possibly cry? My tattoo took MAYBE 10 minutes, if that. But all it took was 2 seconds for me to already think about my next piece. And the piece after that. And the piece after that. And so on. I’m in love with the process of finding a piece that not only looks nice, but has genuine meaning to my life. I choose each piece very carefully because essentially I want my body to tell a story. Needless to say, I reached out to my tattoo artists today and asked if she can book me in on April 12th. Although she has to double check her availability, she thinks it should work out. This means that I will have gotten 3 tattoos in a year. Do I have more ideas? Oh yes. This is just the beginning. Lets dive in…

My two little roses are so simple and quaint, but I really wouldn’t have them any other way. I’ve been asked why a rose and the answer is a long one. Located on my right leg, this tattoo represents my family and my roots, as my last name as the word “rose” in it. Essentially, when the time comes, I do want to get married which means that I’ll probably be changing my last name to that of my future hasbands. However my last name has been with me for 23 years. It has followed me through tough times, but it has also been around for my achievements. It’s on eery piece of documentation I have and it’s essentially my identity. It holds great history in my family and is a product of my lineage. I want to look down on it and be reminded about how brave my Italian grandaprents were when they came to Canada years ago, with almost nothing in their pockets, and started a new life. Its a symbol of bravery, grattitude, and perserverance. I want to constantly be reminded of where I come from, the people I have support from, and how fortunate I am.

My second tattoo is more private, so I’m going to give very little detail about the actual piece itself. I got this tattoo on October 10, 2018 and for some reason I was nervous about the possible pain that could arise from it due to a new location. I really wanted Ryan to come with me, but unfortunately he couldn’t make it SO my friend Monica came with me instead. The piece is located on my ribs/bra line and the only three people to actually see it and really look at it are Ryan, Felicia, and Monica. It is a homage to someone I lost and think of constantly. I look at it everyday and just reflect. I never would have expected a tattoo to mean so much to me. I love you forever and always, F.

SO APRIL. I will be getting a tattoo that my two other cousins will also have. The idea is that of a triangle, in which the three of us make up the three sides. In my cousins words, “Natalie is the base of the triangle because she gives us a solid foundation. Her logic keeps both of us grounded especially when we get into those deep discussions when we are having our own problems. Me and C, are the two sides that lean into each other. We are so similar. So much so that we lean on each other all the time. We’re the two crazy cousins, but Natalie’s sanity (base) keeps us in place and upright. We are literally a triangle. Does that make sense?”. I understood her rough logic and said yes right away. BUT I wanted to do something a bit different, so we decided that we can all get different pieces, as long as the triangle is the main focus. So naturally, I have a few ideas. My first thought, is three triangles that are interconnected, much like these ideas. My second though thought is a little more… complex.

Not my tattoo

Of course those aren’t the only tattoos I have planned. When I graduate from my Masters program, Me and Felicia plan on getting the psychology symbol. I think we have also decided to get a second matching tattoo, but that will remain under raps for now. And after that I want to get a hip piece… and after that… and then after that…

I have been lucky enough to have all of my tattoos done at Seven Crowns Tattoo. I cannot express how fantastic it has been collaborating with Robyn on the pieces that I have already done and my future tattoos. If you are in the Toronto area, I highly suggest you check out this shop!

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