One Step Closer


I have been wanting to write this post for a few weeks now, but have neglected it until everything was certain… I have a clinical placement starting in April!

At my school, masters students need to obtain a clinical placement(s) that will grant them 900 hours in order to graduate. Seems simple, right? Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done. Getting a placement is extremely competitive. The interview process is actually very intimidating. Not only are you being interviewed by professionals that are so well established and inspirational, but you are going up against students from every university, at both the masters and PhD level. And in this, PhD students are typically favoured in clinics because they have a higher education and more practical experience.

But I am so happy to say that I have received all my paperwork back from the clinic and have been offered an April start date. My class isn’t supposed to start placement until September, so I had to get permission to even start early, and it was approved.

Although I will not disclose which clinic I will be at, I will be working on an individual basis with adolescence and adults. I will be learning and implementing CBT/Cognitive therapy, alongside trauma and attachment modalities. I will be initially focusing on assessments, such as intelligence tests, personality tests, structured interviews, neuropsychology assessments, and more. As the months go by, I will be implementing treatment when my supervisors see fit. I am so excited to start making a positive impact on peoples lives.

It was so nice to have my parents support and acknowledgement when I told them the news. Honestly, my mom started crying saying she was so happy that I was growing up and reaching the goals that I’ve had for years. Even my boyfriend and my friends were happy for me. And although school work is starting to stress me out, this is everything I could possibly want. This is everything that I’ve dedicated my life to reach and I am so happy that its falling into place.

Here’s to hard work, dedication, and just having the courage to try.

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