KISS – March 20, 2019


My boyfriend really loves rock, rock concerts, and just old school bands in general. He bought tickets to see Kiss, one of his favourites, before we even knew each other. While we were casually going on dates back in February, he had asked me to go to the concert with him and of course I said yes. After all, it is Kiss.

Now, I never really listen to them except for their very popular songs like I Was Made for Lovin You, Detroit Rock City, and Rock And Roll All Nite. I had no idea what to expect. All I really knew was that he was beyond excited and this concert meant the world to him.

I could tell he was extremely hyped as soon as we got to our seats because of how close we were to the stage. Honestly, pictures don’t do it justice. His eyes were wide and he kept smiling. It was actually really nice to see someone so happy over music, because I resonated with that. Music is a powerful thing.

The lights went dark, the phones went up, and the crowd got loud and rowdy, just like at any other concert. Admittedly, there was something different about this crowd. They actually seemed much more into the show in comparison to any other concert I’ve been to before, and I’ve been to a lot. No one was pushing each other and shoving each other, but instead there was a mutual respect among the people. Everyone just wanted to see legends do their thing and vibe to their music. There were so many people dawning face paint and even some with full on costumes. Dedication? I think so.

Kiss was actually phenomenal. Raw talent at its finest. When I’m not into a concert, it’s hard for me to pay attention, but they held my fascination all night. It was hard not move to the music and clap and sing along (to the few songs I knew). Everything they did was captivating. What I appreciated most was that they let each individual member have their own moment, wether it’d be through a guitar solo, drum solo, base solo, everyone got the spotlight at least once. It brought forward the notion that they each contribute to the success that is Kiss and no one member is better than the next, but rather they’re all equals. Oh and another thing! Fire. Fireworks. Lots and lots of pyro. I could feel the heat from the fire from my seats, so really I have no idea how they handled that on stage. Props to them!

Overall, I seriously had a great time and I really believe that everyone needs to see Kiss live at least once in their lifetime. I cannot thank my boyfriend enough for bringing me with him to experience such a once in a lifetime show. Seeing him smile, grab my hand and dance with me, and shoutout lyrics at the top of his lungs, made it all worthwhile.