Twenty Nineteen


As cliché as it may sound, when midnight struck I almost felt free. No “new year, new me” stuff, but instead I felt like I was granted a blank slate. One that desires to be filled with positivity, adventure, friendships, and just genuine happiness.

My 2019 started with champagne filled cups, flashing lights, yelling and some of my best friends right by my side, like Ryan and Nicole. And even though many of us were separated this year, I received so many beautiful messages from my friends. Messages that enclosed well wishes for 2019, and long thank you’s from 2018 memories. I was reminded of all the good times I had with people, my intentions to help others, and just a real feeling of love from people I hold close to my heart. I was reminded that although sometimes I might feel alone in specific moments, I have a sea of friends and family that will stand with me through just about anything. That was easily the magic of my New Years eve.

Everyone always asks the same question, what are your resolutions for the year? Most years, I don’t bother making resolutions because they feel pointless to me. However, I decided to change it up this year. I guess you could say my resolutions for 2019 are:

  • Positivity- try to look at situations with a positive lens instead of dwelling on the negative
  • Second chances– grant second chances to those people that deserve them. Instead of making a decision and sticking to it, I want to give people opportunity to prove themselves if I feel they have wronged me this year. (Some exclusions do apply)
  • Mindfulness– I typically act on impulse. I am a person that doesn’t always think about my actions and how they might impact others. So this year I want to practice being more mindful of those around me and how my behaviour might impact them
  • Self care– I want to engage in more self care. I am always on the go, and barely have down time to myself, which can be exhausting. This year I want to be able to do things alone, I want to be able to give myself days of pure relaxation
  • Adventure– I want to experience more. I know being in school may be a bit of an obstacle, but I want to go explore places of Toronto that I have never been to. I want to see parts of Canada that I haven’t seen. I want to go to places in the U.S. that I have yet to see too, like Chicago. I’d actually love to go to California again actually, maybe even Vegas.
  • Meet new people– I am always open to meeting new people and hearing their stories. I want to be able to make more friendships this year. (Don’t be afraid to send me a message on here)
  • Social Media– I honestly want to stop using social media. I gravitate to apps like Snapchat and Instagram, but I want to decrease the amount of time I spend on those silly little things and enjoy more of what’s around me. The only site that I’ll be active on, is probably Tumblr
  • Mental health– I want to be more aware of my mental health. I always, and will continue, to put other peoples mental health before my own. But I want to pay attention to the signs my body is sending me. If I’m overly anxious about something, I need to take a step back. If I’m feeling sad or alone, I need to talk to someone about it
  • Physical health– I have been eating healthier since November 2018 and I hope I can continue that throughout 2019. I’ve always talked about doing yoga, but never followed through. So a goal of mine this year is to definitely take some yoga classes.

Overall, this year is looking bright! I hope everyone had a fantastic NYE. Here’s to a happy 2019 and to the endless opportunities ahead!