Officially Official


After seeing him on Sunday, he told me that he wanted to do something very special for me. Yesterday, he invited me over to his house and offered to make me dinner. Something so simple and sincere that just made me smile right away. Is that not cute?

Obviously I accepted and I was off to his house yesterday night. I was a bit skeptical because I didn’t know what to expect. Does he know what he’s doing? Does he cook? All very fair questions in my defense! He decided to make pasta, which was quite delicious to be honest. We kind of overcooked the chicken a bit, but it wasn’t bad for our first time making something that we had no idea how to make. I know I know, you don’t know how to make chicken? The answer is yes, I do know how to make chicken but we made it a totally different way this time. I took it as a learning opportunity. We’ll do better next time!

I think a lot of people would assume that a dinner at home would have to be something insanely romantic but I wasn’t expecting an over the top dinner by any means. I actually really appreciated eating in his living room while watching The Office. It kept the atmosphere light and added some extra laughter. It actually reflected our relationship very accurately. I don’t think were the type of people that need extensive dinners in order to just enjoy each others company. We just vibe. We just click.

We had our cute and happy moments. The night was absolutely perfect in our own way. But my heart practically exploded when he asked me to be his girlfriend. You know when you feel yourself smiling uncontrollably? And even when you try to stop you just can’t? That was me. During our time together, even before he asked, it felt nice to be back in the presence of someone who just genuinely cared about me in a romantic way. But in that moment it was different, more magnified. It felt right. I felt undeniably happy over a month and a half of just seeing each other and going out on dates, and I still have that feeling right now. He is someone that is so good for me, with pure intentions and genuine kindness. I can’t wait to see him again on Friday.