What a Weekend


My weekend was absolutely packed, yet I don’t feel exhausted.


I always count Friday as a weekend day because Friday nights are typically very different from Monday-Thursday nights. ANYWAYS, I had been counting down to April 12 for months. Why? Because I was getting two tattoos that hold an insane amount of significance in my life. I don’t want to give too much away just yet, but both of them are reflective of my family. One of my mom and something she helped me live through, and another about my cousins. Seven Crowns Tattoo in Toronto is my favourite place to be simply because my tattoo artist, Robyn, is the absolute best. Her line work is phenomenal, her attention to detail is unparalleled, and she’s so down to earth and relaxed that I don’t feel nervous every time I walk in there. From my other tattoos, typically I didn’t feel any type of pain, but this time, my second tattoo was killing me. I found that it actually felt like my skin was burning at some points but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t tolerate. Right now it feels a little bit sore from time to time, but its also so fresh that this isn’t unnatural. I also asked about a potential appointment for October…to be continued


Saturday was dedicated to completing an assignment… surprise. But this Saturday was also really special considering me and my boyfriend were celebrating an anniversary. I really had no idea if gifts were going to be exchanged, but I got something for him just incase. I usually tell guys that I date not to get me anything, and typically they follow that, but everyone knows that typically if a girl is saying ” don’t get me anything”, it translates to “I would appreciate anything because it came from you”. Surprisingly, this time around I never really got the chance to say that, but I figured because he was taking me for dinner and offered to pay for it, that the dinner itself would be like a gift from him. Well I was wrong. I got into his car and he gave me this bag. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really know what to think at first. But when I opened this little brown bag and saw the contents inside, I was so happy. He bought me sage smudge sticks, palo santo, and diffuser oil. All small things that I seriously love. It proved to me that not only does he know me so well, but he also knows that I don’t need huge things to make me happy. After dinner we ended up meeting up with his friends. This was a big deal because I had only ever met his best friend prior to this. Honestly it was a fun time. His friends, or at least the ones I met, were all welcoming. They were nice and funny and I could tell he was worried because he kept turning to me asking “everything okay? You good?” with this look of concern on his face. I would just laugh it off and say yes and tell him to stop worrying but he would always respond with “I just care!”. It was a really good day. OH and he invited me over to meet his parents this weekend and he even invited me over to his house for Easter to meet his moms side of the family. I’m intimidated lol.


Sunday was a bit more relaxing. It was 1 of 2 Easter weekends for my family. Palm Sunday is the day we typically spend celebrating an early Easter with my dads side of the family. Funny enough, this year it also landed on my cousins birthday. Now, on special occasions my nonna (grandmother in Italian) always cooks enough food to feed a village. So you can only imagine not only how much dinner I ate, but also dessert. Think red velvet birthday cake, plus fresh bakery donuts, Italian Easter bread, chocolate chip cookies… oh myyyyyyy. Sunday was good, Sunday was blessed.

Anyways, I’m beyond grateful that I had this weekend off of school. I’m even more grateful to have this coming weekend off as well. I am so happy with how everything played out.

April 10, 2019


Life has been CRAZY over the last few weeks, so I must start this post with a huge apology for not posting too much. To be honest, even though so much is going on, I’ve never been happier. Although my life is basically centred around grad school, I also work 30 hours a week. And through the inevitable chaos that arises from that, so many good things should also be acknowledged. 


Yes, I’m starting with school, shocker! Aside from obtaining a placement, one of my favourite professors said yes to supervising my thesis. After presenting to my class for a separate assignment, this same professor made a point to come up to me and compliment my presentation style. This prof, who is literally one of the nicest, most accomplished, and inspirational persons I have ever encountered came up to ME and said all these positive and nice things to me and about me. I didn’t see her do that to any other student. Considering she is who I aspire to be, I was internally screaming all while saying “thank you so much” oh so calmly. 


I can’t remember if I posted about this, but we recently celebrated my grandfathers 90thbirthday. This is such a huge blessing. My grandfather is the funniest little old man and I can’t imagine a world without him. I also just recently celebrated my younger brothers’ birthday. Its strange to see how I’ve grown to become so protective of him, because I never thought I’d be this way. I actually find myself wanting to spend more time with him, even if its just going into his room and bothering him for a few minutes.But I’ve also come to recognize that my family isn’t just restricted to relatives.  My classmates have truly become my family as well. While I am privileged to know them all, there’s a handful that mean a bit more to me. Specifically, there’s a group of us and we all just click in ways that reflect a familial dynamic.  I have their back in the same way that I know they have mine, I’ve seen it unfold already. It’s a beautiful 


I can’t even think about my boyfriend without getting all smiley and blushy and goofy. He makes me so unconditionally happy, it’s a foreign feeling. I’ve never introduced a guy to my parents before because I didn’t know if it was worth it, but he is. He’s worth it to me. So I’m trying to figure out a day where he can come over and he also just invited me to his house for Easter to meet his parents and extended family. I was previously friends with his sister before me and him knew each other, so its really nice to know a member of his family already. We also have an anniversary coming up in a few days…exciting! 

Speaking of friendships, I have to shout out specific friendships that have kept me sane throughout the chaos that was the last few weeks. Chantal is a literal saviour, we already know this. She is the first person to offer support when I’m freaking out about literally anything. Alessia, who also happens to be my boyfriend’s sister, is a literal angel. We clicked right away when we first met, but now our friendship is so much more solid. She is so encouraging, honest, and real, its hard to find people like that these days.  One of my closest friends is officially moving to the U.S. in May. We might not see each other allll the time, but it’s still hard. This is a girl that has played a significant role in my life, but I’m so happy that she’s starting a new chapter in her own adventure and going after what she loves. Surprise goodbye party? I think so. 

Random Things 

Well, I’m getting two tattoos on Friday. My mom wasn’t too happy about that, but my dad still has no idea. I also got premiere tickets to see Avengers: Endgame!! So Thursday April 25, I will be gluing myself to a seat in the movie theatre (not literally), and my eyes will be blessed for 3 hours. I’m seeing Cher this month with my dad, yes I’m actually very excited for that…don’t judge me. 

I feel like there’s more I want to share, but I can’t think of it right now. Anyways, I hope you all have a great rest of your week!  

One Step Closer


I have been wanting to write this post for a few weeks now, but have neglected it until everything was certain… I have a clinical placement starting in April!

At my school, masters students need to obtain a clinical placement(s) that will grant them 900 hours in order to graduate. Seems simple, right? Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done. Getting a placement is extremely competitive. The interview process is actually very intimidating. Not only are you being interviewed by professionals that are so well established and inspirational, but you are going up against students from every university, at both the masters and PhD level. And in this, PhD students are typically favoured in clinics because they have a higher education and more practical experience.

But I am so happy to say that I have received all my paperwork back from the clinic and have been offered an April start date. My class isn’t supposed to start placement until September, so I had to get permission to even start early, and it was approved.

Although I will not disclose which clinic I will be at, I will be working on an individual basis with adolescence and adults. I will be learning and implementing CBT/Cognitive therapy, alongside trauma and attachment modalities. I will be initially focusing on assessments, such as intelligence tests, personality tests, structured interviews, neuropsychology assessments, and more. As the months go by, I will be implementing treatment when my supervisors see fit. I am so excited to start making a positive impact on peoples lives.

It was so nice to have my parents support and acknowledgement when I told them the news. Honestly, my mom started crying saying she was so happy that I was growing up and reaching the goals that I’ve had for years. Even my boyfriend and my friends were happy for me. And although school work is starting to stress me out, this is everything I could possibly want. This is everything that I’ve dedicated my life to reach and I am so happy that its falling into place.

Here’s to hard work, dedication, and just having the courage to try.